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Door sill guards are an available MOPAR accessory you can buy for your car.

Door sill guards are an available MOPAR accessory you can buy for your car.

MOPAR is Fiat Chrysler’s brand of original and aftermarket parts that are much better than other aftermarket brands. While an unofficial aftermarket brand may cost less, it could hurt your vehicle and wallet in the long run. Since Fiat Chrysler has such incredible confidence in its design and engineering, there are quite a few reasons to buy authentic MOPAR parts.

Buying a new vehicle is an excellent decision but it might be missing something. That’s why Fiat Chrysler offers plenty of additional packages through MOPAR to allow drivers to get exactly what they want. Creating a personalized vehicle is easy with MOPAR aftermarket parts! Whether you’re looking to customize or optimize your vehicle, there’s a MOPAR part that can get the job done.

MOPAR isn’t all about aftermarket parts though. Fiat Chrysler also offers repair and collision parts as well. These authentic parts are backed by a two-year/unlimited miles warranty. Because it is identical to the original equipment that’s already in your vehicle, the new parts are guaranteed to work perfectly for years to come.

Own an older vehicle? MOPAR also offers a range of remanufactured parts that don’t cost nearly as much as new parts. While they aren’t necessarily the original parts, remanufacturer parts offer the same quality without the price tag. There’s not much of a point in repairing a vehicle if the repair costs more than the vehicle is worth, after all. With remanufactured parts ranging from engines to brake components, there’s always a way to save a pretty penny with MOPAR.

Remanufactured doesn’t mean rebuilt. Remanufactured parts are taken apart, clean and inspected, then put back together with necessary repairs, much of which are original equipment parts. To ensure optimal quality, the parts are tested for strength and durability.

For quality and value you can rely on, MOPAR parts are the way to go! Visit our Parts Center for more information.