Brookfield, WI

Brookfield, Wisconsin is home to more than 37,000 residents and boasts a history to be proud of. This hardworking city is largely composed of farmland and has a history of hard work and getting results. While the majority of the original Town of Brookfield is gone, there are plenty of attractions to see while in the city. Visitors looking for a local hot spot can check out any of the numerous restaurants.


William Howe was the first European settler to arrive in Brookfield, WI. The Presidential Land Grant gave him permission to inhabit the area. Robert Curran arrived in 1836 and ran a tavern and inn. Just three years later, the population had exploded and required a school house. By 1850, the town was home to nearly 2,000 residents. Throughout its long history, Brookfield has remained relatively unchanged, largely composed of farmland. To this day, the city is dedicated to upholding a high quality of life.


One of Brookfield’s main attractions comes in the form of Fox Brook Park. This pristine park provides an in-depth chance to get in touch with nature. Kids and adults alike will love the wildlife. A small lake is available for boating excursions and plenty of trails have plenty of scenery to offer.


The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts offers visitors a chance to see a local performance or display. The center is dedicated to pursuing education, innovation, and excellence in all art forms.


Visitors in need of a bite to eat should check out Parkside 23, a premier farm-to-table restaurant that serves the best of the best. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere greets anyone who walks through the door while the helpful staff are knowledgeable about the area at large.


Those looking to reserve a table can do so at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant. This unique restaurant boasts a sophisticated, upscale look without the prices. Enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying a casual dining experience rarely found anywhere else.