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Auto Service and Repair at Schlossmann Dodge City Chrysler Jeep Ram

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If you plan on driving for a significant part of your life, keeping your car in running shape is a necessity. Whether you’re traveling to and from work or heading on vacations across the country, there’s plenty that can go wrong. An independent mechanic may have a cheap fix for almost anything but the job might not get done quite right. That’s why you should service at a certified dealership, like ours!

Buying a car from Schlossmann Dodge City Chrysler Jeep Ram nets you more than just a new ride. There are plenty of other benefits as well. We will send you routine maintenance reminders, recall notices, and let you know of any special financing offers as well. Staying on top of your car is easy when you buy from us.

Many drivers struggle to keep an accurate service record for their vehicle. When servicing with us, keeping a record is done for you! Dodge City’s service department will keep track of every repair, routine maintenance, and checkup. By keeping a record of every time your car stops in, we essentially help increase your vehicle’s resale value. A clear record of routine maintenance allows wherever you trade your vehicle in or sell it to see that the vehicle was well maintained.

When it comes to car service, there’s no better technician than those trained by the manufacturer! The staff at Schlossmann Dodge City is trained to quickly identify and fix common problems. Combined with an accurate record, our technicians can narrow down more complex problems as well.

While car parts are made to last, sometimes there’s a defect that causes something to not work right. When that happens, stop in and see us. Mopar produces each and every part we have in stock, ensuring the part will be fit and operate perfectly. If there’s a problem with the new part, we can help repair the problem. If you have a warranty, there’s no cost to you!